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Can children run, throw and catch a ball?

Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says ' ie Education Many children here can't run, throw or kick a ball properly by time they are 10 'Current generation say sport is not fun' warns report Katherine Donnelly'I saw an article in about children that can’t run, throw or kick a ball properly by the age of 10. I asked my followers for opinions and I wasn’t overly surprised by them. I’m often asked my opinion on this subject too, so here are some of my thoughts:

1. I am so happy to see items like this in the news. Highlighting any deficiency in physical skills is so important.
2. I believe it is headline grabbing but for all of the right reasons.
3. If it makes even 1 parent read it and take note about physical skills then it is worth it.
4. I believe it is true (unfortunately) as I have seen so many children over the past number of years who struggle with basic skills.
5. Fundamental movement skills are so important and can be achieved easily if given the opportunity.
6. Confidence has a huge part to play in all areas of fitness and I believe it starts as young as 3 years old.
I started Fitness for Kids for the children who were not necessarily into sports or the typical hobbies. I loved exercise and thought ‘what if children just liked exercise?’ Coming from a childcare background I strongly believe if children are enjoying something they will want to do it again.
Fitness for Kids motto is ‘From baby steps to giant leaps’ and our main aim is to bring children on a fitness journey (wherever they start!) Every element of our classes, camps, parties and programs have FUN at the heart of it.

We work on these typical fundamental skills in each class, as well as social development which sometimes then helps with emotional development of young children. We are not just about fitness, we are about bringing children on a fitness journey that is enjoyable, allowing kids to be kids and getting fit in the process!

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