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Our Classes

Have you got a little person who has bundles of energy? Do you want to get them involved in a non competitive exercise? At Fitness for Kids we run weekly classes that are all based around fun while getting kids to move, make friends and get fit in 60 minutes! Our classes are specifically designed around mixed ages and cater to all abilities. Our programs have children’s well being at the heart of it. Fitness for Kids promotes every area of development with a key emphasis on physical promotion.


Have an event coming up or a special day to be marked but don’t know what to do? Why not have a Fitness for Kids party. A fun filled party that has games for all ages that has every child having fun while playing games. No matter what the age a fitness for Kids party program can be adapted to it.


During school breaks, children can come enjoy more Fitness for Kids with our Kids Camps.

Our Fitness for Kids Camps run for a few consecutive days where a group of children can come, make friends and have fun while exercising. We would use our theme throughout the camp and discuss healthy eating and create some fun competitions. Throughout the year we offer Easter, Summer and Halloween Camps.

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